International Students

At Page Institute, we focus on giving you an extraordinary study experience. We understand that living away from family and studying overseas is not an easy task therefore, we work hard to help you make most of your time with us.
Explore our range of diligently selected hospitality, commercial cookery and business courses. We have chosen these courses keeping in mind the skill shortage in the Australian job market. Live your Australian dream with us.

Course Fees

Flexible Payment Options

At Page Institute, we understand the importance of flexible payment arrangement for international students. Therefore, we give you an option to go on a monthly payment cycle instead of a lumpsum payment at the beginning of your course. Request for our fee structure to know more.


Our all International course

SIT40516 Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery

SIT50416 Diploma of Hospitality Management

BSB50215 Diploma of Business

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Why Choose Us

There are a number of reasons why we feel we will be able to serve you better than our competition. However, below are the TOP 4 reasons that we think will help you make the right choice.

National Accreditation

We are a nationally recognised training organisation, meaning when you graduate with us your qualification will be recognised all over Australia.

On Demand Trainer Support

Trainer support when you need it. Helping you succeed is our #1priority.

Queensland Government Funding

We are a Skills Assure Supplier, meaning if you qualify you can get a government subsidy and save money.

Vocational Placement Guarantee

We guarantee you placement for all courses with mandatory requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

We currently offer hospitality, automotive, and business courses to international students. We can also package different courses depending on your circumstances.

Yes, of course. We offer a range of payment plan options to suit your needs. Our flexible payment options allow you to manage your finances stress-free.

Yes, you can do that if you have already completed 6 months of your primary course. We will assess your circumstances and offer you admission if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Yes, we guarantee work placement for all our hospitality and automotive courses. The placement can be paid or unpaid. Please note you must fulfill all course requirements before commencing your work placement.

You will receive detailed information about our guaranteed work placement during your course orientation.

As an international student, you cannot complete an entire course online. Therefore, unless it is not safe to do so, you will be studying your entire course face to face with an exception to select units.

We have a range of systems to ensure you are progressing well in your studies. We will closely monitor your course progress and give you ongoing feedback to ensure you are not falling behind.

However, despite our best efforts, if you can still not complete your course in time, you will need to extend your student visa.

Please note you may be required to justify your circumstances during your visa extension application. Please get advise from a registered education agent if you do not understand student visa requirements.