ELICOS - General English

Course Details

Common Questions

  1. You are required to complete an English language proficiency test prepared by Page Institute to identify which level of the course you are eligible to enter. 
  2. All applicants are required to participate in the Onshore Placement Test (ONPT) upon arrival during the Orientation Program unless you have taken an English language proficiency test for IELTS, PTE or other systems. Please note this test will overwrite any Offshore Placement Test (OFPT) taken by Page Institute.
  3. Students entering this course with the valid (less than 12 months old) English language test certificate or equivalent may choose to complete the duration of the Page Institute relevant level or the duration shown on the report.
  4. Prior Education Requirement - None
  5. Age - 18 years or older
  6. The table below shows the English language entry requirements for each level of courses offered at Page Institute. Please note we also consider results from other official english language testing systems such as PTE, Cambridge, etc.


General English













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The course is delivered Face to Face in a classroom.

Contact Hours:

  • 20 Hours face to face in classroom

*Please note face to face training may be delivered virtually due to covid-19 restrictions. Further information will be provided at the time of enrolment.

The anticipated full duration of this course is 72 weeks. However, if you are only studying a particular level/s then the duration can be shorter. Each level is 12 weeks long.

Please note as a student visa holder the duration of course may impact your visa conditions. We strongly recommend you contact the department of home affairs if you are unsure.

We use a range of theory and practical assessment activities for each level of study to determine whether you’re proficient.

The activities include but not limited to:

  • Theoretical assessments such as Written Questions, Oral Questions, Assignments, Projects, Case Studies
  • Practical assessments such as Role Plays, Demonstration Tasks, Presentations, Field Trips